What's your Christmas category?

Christmas Card Categories

We all have our own personal style. We all have an image which we want to portray. We all like to be proud of the impression we create. This is true for the Christmas card we send as it is for anything else. The design on the front of the card must match our own personal style. After all, on the inside we offer our own personal greeting.

That’s why Admiral Charity Cards always provide you with a range of designs & styles. Our aim is to give you enough designs matching your own style that you have a choice. You can then choose your preferred design – although we can’t guarantee how easy or difficult obtaining a consensus may be!

For help and convenience, our personalised Christmas card range is organised into seven categories. Animals & Birds can get you started with some great photographs ranging from robins and pheasants through to tigers & deer – characteristic and memorable images. The Christmas Themed category is unmistakably cheery with a range of colours & styles. Up next come the Fine Art & Religious Christmas cards, which always represent a very popular category. Spectacular scenes and great paintings abound - many from well-known artists. The International category is vibrant and progressive. Dynamic images with multi-lingual Christmas greetings convey strong impressions.

The London Scenes category displays images which will be recognised by all. Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge and Big Ben are all there. If you like this category, picking your favourite could be a challenge! Photography is next with a simply stunning range of pictures. Bright, fresh, crisp & clear – each photograph makes a fabulous Christmas card design. Our final category is Trees. What could be more traditional than a Christmas tree? All the images are enhanced to add colour & style.

So have you found what you’re looking for? We certainly hope so. However, if our range of designs still leaves you short of choice, just send us your own image and create a Bespoke Christmas card designed by you. Now that will always match you own personal style.

Contact Admiral Charity Cards today to request a catalogue, free samples or more information. Tel: 020 7610 6193, e-mail us at sales@admiralcharitycards.org or fill out the enquiry form on our web-site.

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