You would think there's a ghost in the factory here at Admiral Charity Cards the way these cards are flying off the shelves. Our most popular cards, as we are fast approaching Halloween, are the 'Horse Guards in the Snow' and 'Star over Bethlehem' but crawling up behind them are 'A Helping Hand' and 'Cheerful Squirrel'.

Halloween comes with a lot of rather odd traditions, here are a few from around the world:

Here in Britain there was a belief that this was the day that spirits of the dead would cross over into the other world.

They celebrate Halloween in Germany, but as a time to honour and respect the dead. One tradition is to hide all the knives in the house, for fear that the returning spirits might injure themselves on any that are left out.

Part of the Halloween tradition in colonial America involved baking of a Halloween cake. Bakers would hide various things in the cake to tell the future, for example a thimble was a symbol of bad luck.

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