Stand out this Christmas! - Private Individuals

You can choose to write anything you’d like to be printed in your personalised Christmas cards or you can pick one of our standard greetings.
It’s completely up to you. Some people have had their own poems and their favourite quotes included in their charity Christmas cards.
Add your signed names or address at the bottom of the card. This can be quite useful if you’ve recently changed address.
You could use your handwriting or pick a calligraphy script to write your name – it doesn’t have to match the greeting font. The style choice is yours.
Share a lovely photo by uploading one for inside your Christmas card to make it extra personal. This could be the family pet,
the kids or the whole family… or anything else. Or you could go one step further and use one of your own photos as the Christmas card itself!
Design a Christmas card that is unique to you with our Create Your Own option. Upload a photo and we can do the rest.
Don’t forget you can choose a charity to support with your 2018 Christmas cards.
If you order 100 cards or more, you can choose any registered UK charity you’d like.
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