2019 Predictions

What’s going to be the most popular card?

Our Christmas cards are ready to be personalised for friends, family, colleagues or clients. Choose from corporate Christmas cards or festive designs fit for the season. From all of our design ranges, these are the cards that are competing for the most popular card of 2019.

Last year, ‘Icy Penguins’ stole some hearts as a newcomer and so far ‘Taking a Break’ has been quite popular as a newcomer as well. See more Animal and Bird Christmas card designs here.

The Feast of the Rose Garlands’ is popular amongst the Religious Christmas cards we offer. From fine art paintings to the three wise men, there are many ways to share the spirit of Christmas. See more fine art and religious designs here.

Photography card design ‘Sunset on the Horizon’ is going to be warming people up this Christmas. Support a charity with our photography Christmas cards. See more nature photography and other designs here.

There is a growing demand for the ‘Laser Snowflake Tree’ as one of the headliners of our special finish card range. Luxury laser cut designs are the perfect choice for prestigious company Christmas cards. See more laser cut designs here.

Dancing Cranes’ has been a common design chosen for Front Personalisation. Great for company Christmas cards with a personal touch. Add your logo and staff signatures to really reach out to clients. See more front personalised designs here.

So far we are seeing good competition between all of the categories! Pick your favourites and receive up to 6 free samples to help choose your design for Christmas 2019.


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